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Racing an RS21 for Round the Island Race 2021

Milly Jinxs - Racing an RS21 for Round the Island Race 2021‌

Exeter Sailing success comes in 3's

Exeter has started their 2021/22 Sailing season well with successful results, as well as selection for some of our performance athletes. 

BUCS Sailing Events 

Living up to the title of being the most successful sailing club in the history of British Universities and Colleges Sport, it was another good weekend for Exeter in the Sailing department! It was a very tricky event in mixed shify conditions, however they still managed to be at the top of many different events, resulting in an overall second place finish. 

Exeter's results can be seen below:

Fast handicap:

1st (Henry Hallam & Ashley Hill) 12 BUCS points

10th (Annie Hammett & Blythe Berry)

12th (Finbarr Wormwell & Will Jarman)

 Slow Handicap:

1st (Julia Staite & Cally Terkelsen) 12 BUCS points


3rd (Chris James & Tiger Tellwright) 6 BUCS points

5th (Cossie Lewis & Lainey Terkelsen)

7th (Hannah Roberts-Straw & Daisy Nunn)

8th (Hayden Earl & Harley Stone)

9th (James Hammett & Rob Giardelli)

11th (Milly Jinks & Jen Guy) 

ILCA / Laser:

3rd (Matilda Nicholls) 6 BUCS points

5th (Alastair Brown)

Overall ladies - 1st (20 BUCS points)

Overall mens - 2nd (14 BUCS points)

Full Results can be found here:

Julia Staite is competing at the World Youth Sailing Championships 

World Sailing has announced that the 50th edition of the Youth Sailing World Championships will be held at Mussanah Sports City, Oman, from 11-18 December 2021. Within this championship, High Performance Athlete Julia Staite will be competing. This competiotn provides young athletes from all around the world with the opportunity to showcase their talent and test themselves against the very best opposition.

Milly Jinxs & Jaz Boote make British Keelboat Academy

In the second weekend of November, down on the Solent, British Keelboat Academy trials were held. This consisted of a day at North Sails, learning about hardware, ropes and rigging and sailmaking. Followed by a dinner with guest speaker, Emily Nagel to show what can come from opportunities like this. The next day was a practical, on-the-water session with a strong fleet of 8 randomly allocated boats, sailing with a variety of experience and people meant great opportunity to learn from each other and the coaches.

When hereing from Milly, she states that "It was an incredible learning and inspiring experience overall, and now to be selected gives me hope as to what's to come in the future. I am looking forward to see what winter training has in store for us before the summer events begin".

Date: 22 November 2021