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University of Exeter Dodgeball 

Dodgeball becomes AU club number 51

This month, the Athletic Union were excited to welcome dodgeball to become our 51st AU club.

Club captain, Theo Anghelides, has been working closely with the AU to develop club financial plans, and organise a committee that are all up to date with our latest training requirements. Theo has said that the Exeter University Dodgeball society was founded 5 years ago and only had 5 members that year, so it is highly encouraging to see the club currently boast 53 members and counting! Despite initial low numbers, they were nominated for the best new society in 2018. Dodgeball were then voted into the AU by our existing 50 clubs at our first AU Council meeting this term. Since dodgeball is now an official BUCS sport for the first time this year, we have an enthusiastic committee looking to represent Exeter at future BUCS dodgeball competitions.

Upon asking Theo what he is looking forward to most about being part of the AU, he responded with: "We are very proud to finally be a BUCS team and AU affiliated, this year we have entered teams into both the BUCS Western League and the local Taunton League. Competing in a BUCS league is a big step up for us, as very few of our current members have competitive dodgeball experience and we are up against established dodgeball clubs. The society is always growing and despite a slow start this year, we have a lot of promising dodgeballers and the future looks bright for the Exeter Sharks."

It is so encouraging that the enthusiasm for sport at Exeter is continuing to grow, despite the challenges of being in a post-pandemic year. I wish dodgeball the best of luck this year and in their first ever upcoming BUCS events. If you’re interested in finding our more about the club, please head to their facebook page: or instagram account and the committee will be happy to help.

AU President

Katy Dalglish

Date: 27 October 2021