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Photo Credit: Rob Coombe

Health & Fitness Blog: Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance

A healthy approach to life is like a well-baked cake. Well, maybe something a little healthier than a cake perhaps…! So, when the right combination of lifestyle ingredients is lovingly and intentionally put together, they add up to the healthiest possible body, mind and soul - the much-desired holy grail which we all refer to as ‘work-life balance’.

That’s easier said than done though. We know that. There are no ‘silver bullets’ which single-handedly solve the complex challenge of navigating a demanding modern lifestyle whilst remaining physically and mentally healthy.

In particular, juggling the pressures and demands of working life alongside everything else that life holds can be particularly challenging.

The 2021 ‘Move Your Mental Health Report’, published by the John W Brick Foundation in America found that,

“When considering solely randomised controlled trials, 87% [of subjects] found statistically significant positive associations between physical activity or exercise and mental health.” 

In particular, the study found that regular exercise helped to improve the sleep and the mood of subjects as well as helping them to manage stress, anxiety and intrusive or racing thoughts.

Let’s face it, we’re certainly not the first people to highlight the undeniable and vital role which physical exercise plays in achieving the best possible overall health and work-life balance!

So, although getting out of bed an hour earlier or watching one hour less of Netflix a few nights per week might feel like an inconvenience, it could be easily argued that spending that time on intentionally getting regular exercise will benefit multiple areas of your life.

Whether improving your physical health, self-confidence, focus, energy levels or mental health, the benefits are numerous and compelling.

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Date: 11 February 2022