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Social Sport Leauges


Where is Intramural you ask…? Welcome to the Social Sport Leagues

If you are a returning student or were encouraged by the idea of ‘Intramural’ during an open day, you may be wondering where they went to. The good news is that they have not disappeared; they have merely been rebranded as our Social Sports Leagues.

2021/22 was a great year for our fun leagues, especially after eighteen months without them. There were almost 3500 students playing each week making up 100s of teams in 10 different sports. Some of the leagues were sell-outs within days of launching; by the time registration closed, all the spaces were full.

We are now in a position, thanks to all restrictions lifting this year compared to last, we can offer more sports and most importantly, more team entries. However, there is one change you need to be aware of.

You can now only register a team for a term at a time. So, therefore, there is a registration for Term 1 and new registration for Term 2, giving new friendship groups and individuals the opportunity to enter a team later in the year.

All registration and payments will go through Playwaze. These payments are upfront and are the only way to guarantee your entry into the leagues. There is no other format to enter. Societies… you may be thinking, hold on… that’s new too, and you’d be correct. You must pay upfront for your team instead of paying later by invoice. Fear not, however, as the Guild has an easy format to refund purchases from your society accounts. For further information on this, email

Registration is now live for the Social Sports Leagues and will remain open for three weeks (30th September). However, do not delay. Spaces are expected to fill up fast as they do each year. So to guarantee your place, make sure you register early for another great year of sport.

Date: 12 September 2022