Voting is underway already in this year's teaching awards

Teaching Awards 2012 – vote now

The University of Exeter Students’ Guild is once again encouraging students to vote for their most inspiring teachers.

Now in their third year, the Teaching Awards are about recognising, celebrating and promoting excellent teaching and support.

Again this year students have been given a chance to acknowledge their favourite academic staff at the University and say ‘thank you’ to those staff who go above and beyond what is expected of them. These awards do not take account of seniority, only the positive effect academics have on students.

The aim of the Awards is to remind the teaching staff how valued and appreciated they are by students as well as showcasing examples of best practice. In the last two years the Guild have received 3,000 nominations. This year, more than 500 nominations have already been made.

James Eales, Students’ Guild Vice President Academic Affairs said “Too often the relationship between student organisations and universities is seen as a one-way channel of demands. The teaching awards provide students with the opportunities to give back to the academic community. This is perhaps the most significant message of the teaching awards, a shift in the relationship between academics and students. It is a partnership – and at Exeter, it is blossoming.”

The Award categories are Best Lecturer; Innovative Teaching; Research Inspired Teaching; Best Feedback Provider; Supportive Member of Staff; Best Employability Support; Change Agents' Champion and Best Postgraduate Teacher.

Students have until 1 March to nominate staff. Any student can nominate any number of people for any number of awards. Staff will be informed if they are nominated.

After this the nominees will be shortlisted by the Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) - these will then go to judging panels who will then decide who is the overall winner in each category.

A shortlist of nominees will be released at the end of March with the winners announced at an awards ceremony in the Great Hall on 3 May.

More information on the awards can be found on the Students’ Guild website and to nominate a member of staff please visit the Facebook page.

Date: 23 February 2012