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February 2012

First plants caused ice ages

New research reveals how the arrival of the first plants 470 million years ago triggered a series of ice ages.

A day in the life: student and Deputy Vice-Chancellor change places

University of Exeter Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Janice Kay has had a taste of student life, while third-year English student Imogen Sanders has experienced what it is like to run the university.

University of Exeter students pledge to promote wellbeing in 2012

Students at the University of Exeter have been recognised by a national organisation aiming to make university campuses healthier, happier places for students.

Exeter scientists illustrate plant communication in landmark BBC series

The University of Exeter has contributed to a new BBC Two series, by conducting an experiment that visualises communication between plants.

Redder ladybirds more deadly, say scientists

A ladybird’s colour indicates how well-fed and how toxic it is, according to an international team of scientists.

University celebrates Dickens’ bicentenary

The University of Exeter is marking the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth, with an exhibition exploring his influence on British culture.

Law school academic appointed to prestigious United Nations expert body

Dr Michael Addo from the University of Exeter Law School has accepted a position advising the United Nations on human rights. 

Legal drama sheds light on tribunals

Local business owners and HR managers will be able to experience an employment tribunal at first hand, thanks to a unique collaboration between leading Devon law firm Stones Solicitors LLP and the University of Exeter.

Operational Research seeks benefit for stroke victims

Researchers from the University of Exeter, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD), are working with clinicians to reduce the time it takes from the start of a stroke to the administration of vital clot-busting drug treatment.

University to invest £8 million in sport

The University of Exeter has today announced plans to invest £8 million in its sports park.

Health and Social Care Bill may compromise patient safety says Business School academic

A former NHS hospital Chief Executive and now senior academic at the University of Exeter Business School, has warned that patient safety may worsen if the Health and Social Care Bill is passed in its current form.

Teaching Awards 2012 – vote now

The University of Exeter Students’ Guild is once again encouraging students to vote for their most inspiring teachers.

First study to show that Bisphenol A exposure increases risk of future onset of heart disease

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a controversial chemical widely used in the plastics industry.

Students and locals reveal Devon’s character through story-telling

University of Exeter students, alumni and staff have contributed to a new book of short stories about Devon.

University partnership gives new hope to prisoners

Academics at the Marchmont Observatory, part of the University of Exeter’s Graduate School of Education are helping prisoners improve their employability skills.

Stock market stereotypes undervalue female directors in the short-term

New research into how the stock market perceives the capabilities of female company directors finds that an initial negative response by investors is overturned in the longer term, once markets respond to corporate performance rather than stereotypes.

Graduate donation boosts University of Exeter Medical School investment to £33 million

An Exeter graduate who went on to found the world’s largest provider of clinical trials has donated £1 million to help the University of Exeter Medical School attract the brightest and best clinicians to Devon and Cornwall.

Ice Age mariners from Europe were among America's first people

Some of the earliest humans to inhabit America came from Europe according to a new book.