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Exeter Sports Science students win Coubertin Award

Two Sports Science students will be collecting an award for their essay on corruption in sport at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on June 25th.

3rd year students Brett Richmond and Michael Hislop submitted their essay in March and have been invited to receive their award from the Patron of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC) the Princess Royal.

The title of their essay is “They’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: The perpetual link between corruption in sport, organised crime and the Olympic Ideal”. It looked at various corrupt practices including match-fixing, gambling, organised crime and the use of drugs.

Their conclusion states that the battle against organised crime and corruption is not just the responsibility of the sporting authorities, but everyone involved in sport from coaches, officials and athletes to sponsors and spectators. They say:”It is time for sport to fight back, and the 2012 Games in London provides the perfect opportunity.”

Commenting on their success Brett Richmond said:

“Taking part in the student essay competition was both a challenging but rewarding experience. I had not undertaken any previous academic work regarding the history of the Olympics and its values so for me this was an opportunity to develop my current knowledge and understanding.

It is a huge honour to be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony. When Michael and I sent the essay away we felt that we had given it our best effort-but didn’t expect to be considered for a prize. When we looked back at previous winners we recognised the high calibre of the writing, so to be told that we are winners gives us immense satisfaction, pride and joy.

However, we also felt that after three years of studying at St Luke’s the skills and knowledge we have learnt would put us in good stead. Without the help and guidance of lecturers and the Department we wouldn’t have had the relevant tools at our disposal to attempt to write this essay.”

In 2010 the CIPC and the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) joined forces to launch the Coubertin Olympic Student Awards at the Residence of the French Ambassador under the patronage of HRH the Princess Royal and with business sponsorship. The aim was to encourage students to look at the ethical ideals of the Olympic Movement and to relate them to today’s business and sports environments.

Three years on the competition has inspired UK based students of many different backgrounds and nationalities. Those who competed took on the challenge and produced remarkable essays on the subject of ethical behaviour in the worlds of sport and business, see, thus establishing a legacy which they believe will survive the London Games.

The IBE was established to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values, see

The CIPC is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was established to uphold and disseminate the Olympic values and ideals of its founders.

Date: 26 June 2012