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June 2012

Universities champion biodiversity in Cornwall

Students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University have joined forces with the Tremough Campus Services Group (TCSG) to collaborate on the formation of a new Biodiversity Enhancement Plan for the Cornwall Campus.

'Jack Spratt' diabetes gene identified

Type 2 diabetes is popularly associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. However, just as there are obese people without type 2 diabetes, there are lean people with the disease.

UK study into whether physical activity aids depression finds no additional benefit

Current clinical guidance recommends physical activity to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Thames trek to make a difference in Moldova

Four third year Exeter students have walked the length of the river Thames in 10 days to raise funds for children and families in Moldova.

Exeter scientist plunges school pupils into marine science

University of Exeter biologist Dr Ceri Lewis is supporting a national campaign to get marine science on the agenda of Britain’s schools.

'The Future We Want': Exeter contributes to Rio+20 Earth Summit

Twenty years on, the UN is again bringing together governments, international institutions and major groups to agree on a range of smart measures that can reduce poverty while promoting decent jobs, clean energy and a more sustainable and fair use of resources.

University scientists develop new tools for conservation and wildlife management

A University of Exeter team has developed new software tools for helping prioritise efforts in species conservation.

Attitude towards age increases risk of dementia diagnosis

Our attitude towards our age has a massive impact on the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia.

Ancient story of Dartmoor tors has an ice-cold twist

Ice extended further across the UK than previously thought and played a part in sculpting the rocky landscape of Dartmoor in South West England during the last Ice Age, according to new research which challenges previously held theories.

Student relay for Cornwall-based charity

A group of students from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus are attempting a non-stop 230 mile relay around Cornwall in under 32 hours. 

Time capsule burial marks beginning of new research centre

A formal time capsule burial ceremony was held earlier this week to celebrate the start of the construction for the new Research Innovation Learning Development (RILD) Centre, Exeter.

Training people to inhibit movements can reduce risk-taking

New research from psychologists at the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff shows that people can train their brains to become less impulsive, resulting in less risk-taking during gambling.

Awards for Excellence in Professional Services

The winners of the second annual Professional Services Recognising Excellence awards have been revealed. 

Expansion of forests in the European Arctic could result in the release of carbon dioxide

Carbon stored in Arctic tundra could be released into the atmosphere by new trees growing in the warmer region, exacerbating climate change, scientists have revealed.

Eat less meat and improve farming efficiency to tackle climate change

We need to eat less meat and recycle our waste to rebalance the global carbon cycle and reduce our risk of dangerous levels of climate change

University academics recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours List

The enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration of two University of Exeter academics has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, announced on Saturday, June 16.

400 species are identified at first Cornwall Campus BioBlitz

Students from the University of Exeter and University College Falmouth at the Cornwall Campus celebrated success this Saturday at their first ever BioBlitz where they discovered and identified more than 400 different species of flora and fauna, with the help of local families.

Business School team triumphs in the CIMA Global Business Challenge 2012

The Indivisibles, one of the two teams from the Business School that made it to the UK final of the CIMA Global Business Challenge has been crowned the UK champion.

Cornwall academic awarded prize for conservation contribution

Professor Brendan Godley from the Cornwall Campus has been awarded a prestigious prize from the Zoological Society of London for his outstanding contributions to conservation science.

University piazza transformed into Shakespearean battlefield

Two of Shakespeare's history plays will be staged outside at the University of Exeter’s new Piazza at 1.30 on Friday 22 and 11am and 3pm on Saturday 23 June.  

University of Exeter research uncovers rice blast infection mechanism

Scientists at the University of Exeter have made a new discovery that they hope might lead to effective control of rice blast disease.

University of Exeter invites artists to work in 3D

The University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) has teamed up with the Exeter Phoenix to offer 30 artists from across the South West the opportunity to explore the possibilities of making work in the emerging technology of 3D printing.

English PhD student wins major UK literary prize

English PhD student Ginny Baily has won a major UK literary prize for her debut novel Africa Junction.  

Exeter City FC and the University celebrate diversity with annual football tournament

With Euro 2012 in full flow Exeter City FC is also going international with its own special football tournament.

Big Bang science celebration on campus

University of Exeter academics are gearing up to share their enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths at a major regional event.

University of Exeter boosts research in disease prevention and treatment

The University of Exeter is furthering our understanding of the causes and treatments of diseases.

Exeter Sports Science students win Coubertin Award

Two Sports Science students will be collecting an award for their essay on corruption in sport at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on June 25th.

Major changes critical for Energy Bill and Green Deal to succeed

The University of Exeter, SSE, Consumer Focus and WWF, along with representatives from 20 other organisations, have published the results of a series of roundtables on UK energy policy.

Marine energy doubled by predicting wave power

The energy generated from our oceans could be doubled using new methods for predicting wave power.

Responsibility misused by politicians

The concept of responsibility is being used by politicians as a distraction from the real problems in society, which have to do with inequality according to research from the University of Exeter.

Dramatic change spotted on a faraway planet

A University of Exeter scientist is part of a team of astronomers that has seen dramatic changes in the upper atmosphere of a faraway planet, using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

University exhibition takes visitors on evolutionary journey

An exhibition opening on 2 July will celebrate the achievements of Pery Burge, artist-in-residence at the University of Exeter’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.