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In focus news archive 2020-2024

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Upcoming Workshop on "States, Regimes, Societies" on 10 June 2024

10 June 2024, 09.45 – 17.45
University of Exeter, Streatham Campus (Knightley)

Organised by Global Authoritarianism Research Network, Centre for Political Thought, and Voice, Participation and Governance Cluster, HaSS Cornwall

With the support of EU Horizon REDIRECT


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Talk by Dr Loubna El Amine on "Hierarchy and Inclusion in Classical Confucianism"

Monday 11 March 16:30 to 18:00

Digital Humanities Seminar Room 1, Back of Queen’s Building

Organized by the Centre for Political Thought and the Global China Centre

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Workshop on “Representative Democracy: The early modern formative period”

Wednesday 7 February 2024, Forum Seminar Room 12, 13.30-18.30

  • Session 1: Representation (Alan Cromartie, Reading);
  • Session 2: The people (James Harris, St. Andrews);
  • Session 3: Early modern democracy (Markku Peltonen and Cesare Cuttica, Helsinki)

This workshop is organized by the Centre for Political Thought and the REDIRECT Exeter group.

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Workshop on ‘Representing “Nature” and “Future Generations”’

Wednesday 6th December – Online Workshop 15.30-18.00 

Three sessions on ethical, legal, and constitutional perspectives, introduced respectively by Chris Gill (Classics Exeter), Pierre Brunet (Paris 1 Sorbonne) and Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington, Seattle).

Jointly organized with the Biodiversity & People Network and the Observatory of Representation: International Centre for the study of the State, Democracy and Citizenship.

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Book Symposium on Democratic Partisanship: Party Activism in an Age of Democratic Crises by Lise Herman

Wednesday 29th November, Knightley Boardroom, 3.00-5.00 pm

Lise Herman (Exeter Politics) 

Democratic Partisanship: Party Activism in an Age of Democratic Crises (Edinburgh University Press, 2023)

Chair: Dr Sandra Kröger (Director, Centre for European Studies) 

Discussants: Jonathan White (LSE), Bice Maiguashca (SPSPA) and Andrew Schapp (HaSS Cornwall)

Jointly organized with the Centre for European Studies

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Interviews with Professor Marlies Glasius, Professor Thomas Heberer, and Professor Thomas Risse

  • Interview with Professor Marlies Glasius: Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age
  • Interview with Professor Thomas Heberer: Ethnological Approach to China Politics, Society and Modernisation
  • Interview with Professor Thomas Risse: Effective Governance under Anarchy

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Interview with Professor Marlies Glasius - Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age

In this interview, we speak to Professor Marlies Glasius, Professor of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, about Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age, delving into the book’s themes, the process of researching authoritarian practices and the methodological challenges associated with said research.

Interview with Professor Marlies Glasius - Authoritarian Practices in a Global Age - YouTube

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Interview with Professor Thomas Heberer – Ethnological Approach to China Politics, Society and Modernisation

On Friday 30th June 2023, the Centre for Political Thought hosted Professor Thomas Heberer for a remotely conducted interview. Thomas Heberer is a Senior Professor of Chinese Politics and Society at the Institute of East Asian Studies and Faculty of Social Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany – he has been academically involved with China for over 50 years. 

Interview with Thomas Heberer – Ethnological Approach to China Politics, Society and Modernisation - YouTube

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Interview with Professor Thomas Risse – Effective Governance Under Anarchy

In this interview we speak to Professor Thomas Risse about his recent book titled Effective Governance Under Anarchy, co-authored with Tanja Börzel and published by Cambridge University Press.

Interview with Thomas Risse – Effective Governance Under Anarchy - YouTube

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Talk by Professor Simon Tormey on Populism: “No Going Back? Late Modernity and the Populisation of Politics”

Thursday 22nd June 2023, 17:30-19:00, Knightly Building 

In his talk, Professor Simon Tormey takes up the challenge concerning the nature or ontology of populism, developing a sociological approach that seeks to locate populism within the wider processes and tendencies associated with late modernity.

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Conference on Decentralised Federalism in Anarchist Political Thought

22nd and 23rd of June 2023, Knightly BuildingUniversity of Exeter

Funded by

The James Maddison Charitable Trust and Centre for Political Thought of the University of Exeter

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Workshop on Ideology and the Authoritarian Turn in Global Politics

Tuesday, June 13th 2023, 9:30-18:00

The Forum, Seminar Rooms 10 and 11, University of Exeter

Organised by

Center for Advanced International Studies, Center for Political Thought, Authoritarianism Research Network

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Workshop on Self, Family, Community; Reading Group on How to Interpret Chinese Philosophy to the West

These events are organized by the Centre for Political Thought and supported by the Exeter-Fudan Global Thought Network and the Entanglement of Political Languages Research Network.

  • Thursday 11 May – 11.00-16.30, LT1/Institute Arab and Islamic Studies Building

Research Workshop on: Self, Family and Community: Eastern and Western Perspectives.

  • Friday 19 May – 12.00-2.30, Knightley Building, Conference Room

Reading Group Session: How to Interpret Chinese Philosophy to the West.

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Workshop on "Biodiversity Offsetting"

  • 10 May 14.30-16.30, Northcote House, Senate Council Room

Seminar by Prof. Chris Armstrong (Southampton), “Biodiversity Offsetting: For and Against”

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Workshop on Imagining Emancipation in the Atlantic World, 1750-1888


June 2nd-3rd 2023

Reed Hall, University of Exeter

Programme announced.


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NEW RESEARCH on Biodiversity; on Representation; on Emancipation

NEW RESEARCH PROJECTS. Members of the Centre for Political Thought are involved in three new research projects on the following topics:

  • “Renewing biodiversity through a people-in-nature approach” funded by NERC.
  • “The Representative Disconnect: diagnosis and strategies for rectification” funded by Horizon and UKRI.
  • “Imagining Emancipation: Projects for Abolishing Slavery in the History of Political Thought, 1750-1888”, funded by the University Euro Network Fund.

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Symposium in Print on The Privatized State

Book Symposium: Chiara Cordelli, The Privatized State

Published for the journal   Jurisprudence, Volume 13, Issue 3 (2022)

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Research Workshop on Conditions of Autonomy – Legal, Political and Philosophical Perspectives

A one-day Research Workshop (20 May 2022), organized by the Centre for Political Thought, the School of Law and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health (University of Exeter).

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In conversation with Dr Lucy Series (Bristol University) on Disability, Subjective Agency and the Law

In a recent interview with the University of Exeter, Dr Lucy Series speaks about her book ‘The Deprivation of Liberty in the Shadows of the Institution’. Listen here for an overview of her practical experience in care work that inspired her book, learn more about her philosophical inclinations, and her view of how liberty may be realized for persons legally classified as mentally or physically disabled.

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Academic Life and Interdisciplinarity: Learning from Experience

A two-day event for the retirement of Professor Iain Hampsher-Monk.

After a 50-year distinguished career at Exeter, our friend and colleague, Professor Iain Hampsher-Monk retired last academic year. On the 6th and 7th of May, the Centre for Political Thought organised a two-day event in his honour with the support of the Department of Politics, the SSIS Graduate School and Imprint Academic (the publisher of History of Political Thought, the leading journal in the area co-founded and edited by Iain).

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Report of the Lancet Commission on The Value of Death: Bringing death back to life

In January 2022, The Lancet Commission published its report on ‘The Value of Death: Bringing death back to life’. Dr Robin Durie, a member of our Centre, was part of the group that produced it.

Find the text: Lancet Report on Value of Death

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Launch of ‘Flexible Europe. Differentiated Integration, Fairness, and Democracy’ by Richard Bellamy, Sandra Kröger, and Marta Lorimer.

The Centre for Political Thought and the Centre for European Studies join forces for the book launch.

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James Muldoon introduces his new book on Platform Socialism

Platform Socialism: How to Reclaim our Digital Future from Big Tech proposes a range of alternatives for how digital platforms could be organised.

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A book by Ross Carroll on Uncivil Mirth

Ross Carroll discusses his new book.  Video of launch now available.


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A book by Robert Lamb on Property

Robert Lamb discusses his new book.


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Online book launch

Online launch of Ross Carroll’s book on Uncivil Mirth: Ridicule in Enlightenment Britain, published by Princeton University Press

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Two new problems of intergenerational justice

An online Workshop organised by the Centre for Political Thought.

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Book Presentation on “Democracy From Below”

A Dialogue with James Muldoon (Exeter) and Steven Klein (KCL) on their new books on radical democratic movements and their impact on politics.

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Noam Chomsky in conversation on free speech with Exeter Professor

Linguist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, will speak to Professor Robert Lamb from the University of Exeter, in a free online event.

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