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Colours and Awards 2019/20

The Athletic Union Colours and Awards ceremony

The Athletic Union Colours and Awards ceremony is an event that dates back to 1947, that recognises exceptional commitment and talents in student each year.

It is a massive achievement for a student to receive recognition for their hard work over the year and in return the awards are a chance for the university to show their appreciation.

 The commitment and enthusiasm of our student athletes despite their academic priorities has been beyond exceptional both on and off the pitch. From achieving numerous league and cup victories, to supporting the AU’s campaigns and events, and making sport and physical activity accessible to as many students as possible - our students continue to prove why we are one of the best sporting institutions in the UK.

 For that reason we would like to say thank you to our student committees and the recipients of today’s awards (The Athletic Union Club Awards and Colours 2019/20) for the incredible amount of effort to run their clubs while completing their studies.

Date: 29 April 2020