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March 2011

‘Stupid strategies’ could be best for the genes

Blindly copying what your parents did – no matter how stupid it may seem – could be the best strategy for the long-term success of your genes, according to research by the Universities of Exeter and Bristol.

University of Exeter announces £9k fee proposal for 2012

The University of Exeter is proposing to set a tuition fee of £9k a year for Home/EU undergraduates starting programmes from 2012.

Environment and Sustainability Institute brings new jobs to Cornwall

The University of Exeter is looking to take on 23 new academic staff in Cornwall as part of recruitment for the £30 million Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

University of Exeter announced as KPMG school leavers’ scheme partner

The University of Exeter Business School has reached an agreement in principle with professional services firm KPMG to become a partner in its ground-breaking school leavers’ scheme.

Brazil continues to celebrate after Carnival

The popular world view of Brazil may be triggered by thoughts of spectacular Carnivals and skilled footballers, yet the country is also determined to be regarded as a major global power.

Lecture on the search for new planets and new life

One of the world’s leading experts in studying distant planets is to give her inaugural lecture on the cutting-edge research which is leading the hunt for new worlds and new life.

Research informs new government policy on hill farming

Funding of up to £26 million to support hill farmers and help some of England’s rural communities to thrive was unveiled by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, The Rt Hon Caroline Spelman.

Improving rugby for the next generation of grand slam winners

As the Six Nations comes to an end, a research project is under way to see how changing rugby’s rules at the junior level could help develop the next generation of grand slam winners.

Business School creates new network of international experts in tourism and well-being

The Business School Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research (CSLTR) recently held a two day event bringing together experts from around the world.

West Antarctic ice sheet ‘could be more stable than thought’

Whether global warming may cause the giant West Antarctic Ice Sheet to melt and raise sea-levels by several metres is one of the most contested debates in climate science.

Bible’s Buried Secrets

In a challenging three-part TV series on BBC 2 Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Biblical Scholar and senior lecturer at the University of Exeter presents series of documentaries.

Support for students affected by current international incidents

Following the earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan on March 11th, the level of uncertainty about the long term impact remains high. All students who may be affected by these events, either directly or indirectly, should be aware of the support services available to them at this difficult time.

IBM Skills Truck comes to Uni on 18 March

An innovative new way for students to learn about new technologies is visiting the Streatham campus on Friday 18 March.

Gold worthy practice

The University of Exeter has been endowed with a new prize for graduating students, The Hutton Prize for Excellence.

Student think tank tackles Big Dilemmas for sustainability

A group of Exeter students presented their findings of an interdisciplinary study of ‘The future of renewable energy in the UK’ to an audience of over 100 academics, students and community stakeholders.

A return to the Arctic for Exeter scientist

A scientist from the University of Exeter is preparing to brave sub-zero conditions as she returns to the Arctic to carry out research on how climate change is affecting the region.

Research shows not only the fittest survive

Darwin’s notion that only the fittest survive has been called into question by new research published in Nature.

Transformation of Europe's Armed Forces

The transformation of Europe’s armed forces is the subject of a new book by Professor Anthony King from the University of Exeter. 

Exeter alumni return from Heart of Borneo

Two University of Exeter alumni have returned after leading a groundbreaking expedition to one of the most remote and unexplored regions on Earth.