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‘EU’s sustainable finance rules undermine climate goal,’ claim experts

The European Commission’s planned new rules on sustainable finance could undermine the bloc’s climate change goals, according to an open letter signed by Professor Chendi Zhang, Director of the Business School’s new Exeter Sustainable Finance Centre.

Innovative virtual field trips secure award in ‘Oscars of Higher Education’

Inspirational and innovative software that provides virtual field trips to almost anywhere in the world, developed by academics at the University of Exeter, has won a prestigious national award.

COVID-19 is just one factor impacting wellbeing of employees working from home, study finds

A new study on work-life balance has found that the COVID-19 crisis is a crucial factor – but not the only one – behind low levels of wellbeing among employees working from home.

Sexual orientation of men is new ‘STEM gap’, study finds

Men in same-sex relationships are significantly less likely to have a degree in a STEM subject than men in different-sex couples, a new study has shown. 

Pioneering new Circular Economy Centre in Technology Metals announced

The University of Exeter will lead a pioneering new research centre, designed to revolutionize how crucial metals are extracted, used and reused in clean and digital technologies across the UK.

University of Exeter Business School ranks among world’s best in prestigious global MBA rankings

The University of Exeter Business School’s internationally accredited MBA programme, The Exeter MBA, has ranked in the top four programmes for the UK and Europe in the Corporate Knights’ Better World MBA Rankings 2020.

Business owners in South West offered free support through Peer Networks programme

The University of Exeter Business School is to offer ‘action learning’ sessions for local business owners, to help SMEs respond to COVID-19 and Brexit by building their resilience and ability to adapt to the ‘new normal’, while positioning themselves for future success.

Basketball fouls can be predicted by personality traits – but not the ones you’d expect

A basketball player can be dishonest or bad-tempered yet is not more likely to commit fouls, a new study has shown.

New environmental intelligence tool will help protect Cornwall’s wildlife and landscape

An environmental online hub for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will help protect the region’s precious wildlife and landscape.

Why soft skills could power the rise of robot leaders

What would the world look like if socially-skilled robots stepped into the roles normally reserved for humans?

Only half of England’s nature reserves in ‘favourable’ state, as committee reports widespread environmental decline

Just half of England’s nature reserves are in a ‘favourable’ condition, according to a Natural Capital Committee (NCC) report revealing serious decline across England’s natural environment.

Exeter professor helps convince Treasury how best to value environment of tomorrow

A University of Exeter Business School academic has been instrumental in a government review into how we value the environment of tomorrow in evaluating investment decisions made today.

James Marks - book of condolence

It is with deep sorrow that the University of Exeter Business School has learned of the death of James Marks, Lecturer in Accounting in the Department of Finance and Accounting.

COVID-19 boosts support for US healthcare system and unemployment benefits

The spread of COVID-19 has increased Americans’ support for government healthcare, unemployment insurance and “big government”, a new study reveals.

Healthcare workers celebrated during lockdown reject ‘sudden hero’ status

Hospital workers, celebrated as heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, have rejected their new-found status, calling public applause and other displays of support a “trick” and accusing the public of lacking sincerity, according to a new study.

End of the annual report as we know it? Researchers set out future of corporate reporting

How can companies make their annual reports meet the information needs of investors and other stakeholders more effectively?

Gift Aid project could see charities pocket £560m extra a year

The University of Exeter Business School is involved with a project to automate Gift Aid donations and potentially unlock more than £560 million for charities every year.

University of Exeter Business School and J.P. Morgan to launch apprenticeship scheme for aspiring investment bankers

The University of Exeter and J.P. Morgan are offering one of the first UK apprenticeships that gives school leavers the opportunity to secure a front-office investment banking role.

100 Great Black Britons author to kick off Black History Month at University of Exeter Business School

100 Great Black Britons author to kick off Black History Month at University of Exeter Business School

Climate scientists enlist celebrity help to sound ‘Arctic alarm’ for UN General Assembly

Climate scientists including from the University of Exeter Business School are to sound the ‘Arctic alarm’ in a virtual panel event ahead of the UN General Assembly’s high-level meeting on climate action this week. 

University of Exeter nominated for four “Oscars of higher education”

The University of Exeter has been nominated for four “Oscars of higher education” which honour the best teaching and research in the country.

‘Resilient’ Business School students secure work placements in challenging times

More than 175 students from the University of Exeter Business School have succeeded in securing work placements for this year – an impressive number given the current climate surrounding jobs and Covid-19.

Business School to celebrate Black History Month with ambitious events programme

The University of Exeter Business School will mark Black History Month in October with a programme of events that celebrate and reflect on black history as well as promote dialogue around diversity, inclusion, cohesion and equality (DICE).

Business School academic wins £1m grant for research project into ‘non-traditional leadership’

A University of Exeter Business School academic is set to embark on a five-year research project exploring new ideas about creating diversity in leadership after winning a £1 million grant.

Exeter shortlisted for Business School of the Year in Times Higher Education Awards

The University of Exeter Business School has been shortlisted for Business School of the Year in the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards (THE) 2020.

More progress needed to achieve gender equality in NHS leadership

NHS leadership that more fairly represents women in senior roles is “essential, overdue and needed now”, according to research carried out by the University of Exeter Business School on behalf of the NHS Confederation.

The Exeter MBA launches free and inspirational online events to tackle today’s biggest global challenges

Some of the world’s leading thinkers for social and environmental change are to take part in an exclusive series of free online events launched by the University of Exeter Business School’s MBA programme.

New framework for ‘natural capital approach’ to transform policy decisions

How governments and the private sector consider the natural environment when constructing policy is being transformed thanks to a new “natural capital” decision-making framework.

Student’s business idea helps local brewers survive lockdown

A University of Exeter Business School student handed independent craft breweries a lifeline during lockdown by helping them tap into new online markets.

Electricity data shows real-time GDP change during COVID-19 lockdown

Electricity market data can play a vital role in measuring the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown policies on GDP, according to a new study.

‘Price of life’ lowest in UK during COVID-19 pandemic, study finds

The price the UK government was prepared to pay to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic was far lower than in many other developed nations, a study has revealed.

Mental health of BAME men hit hardest by COVID-19, study finds

BAME men experienced a far greater deterioration in their mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown than their white British counterparts

Leading agricultural economist awarded prestigious fellowship

A prestigious group of food and agricultural economists has awarded a ‚Äčfellowship to Steve McCorriston, Professor of Agricultural Economics

Exeter academic among high-profile parents calling for low carbon COVID-19 recovery

Only a low carbon COVID-19 recovery will protect against climate catastrophe and create a better world for our children, argues an open letter to the Prime Minister 

NSS results update and our education approach for the coming year

Student Satisfaction at the University of Exeter Business School is up across the board according to the most recent National Student Survey (NSS).

Exeter academics elected to British Academy

Two University of Exeter academics have been elected fellows of the British Academy.

Government failing to reap huge economic opportunities from investing in nature, say experts

The Government has failed to honour its commitment to ‘leave the natural environment of England in a better state than it inherited’ made in the 2011 Natural Environment White Paper and needs to seize opportunities to deliver a green recovery from the recession caused by COVID-19.

Air pollution in China fell 48% due to economic impact of COVID-19 policies

Air pollution in China, as measured by levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), fell by 48% during lockdown, as a result of the economic fall-out from policies implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a study has found.

COVID-19 a driver of widespread gender inequality, study finds

Women are almost twice as likely as men to have lost their job and suffered an anxiety attack during lockdown, according to a study that reveals how COVID-19 has driven widespread gender inequality.

Paris Agreement’s global warming target of 2C works for economy too, argues study

Make global warming stay below 2C to strike the right balance between climate action and protecting economies, say the authors of a study arguing the economic case for the UN’s 2100 climate targets.

Emotion detection engine developed to combat cyberbullying and fake news

A digital tool designed to detect fake news, cyberbullying and other online harms is being developed at the University of Exeter Business School.

Learn from COVID-19 pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic could help avert global warming and mass species extinction, a team of scientists and policy experts have argued.

Leadership expert to join University of Exeter Business School

Greg Allen, an experienced CEO and charity trustee, will join the University of Exeter Business School in July.

‘Make economic recovery low carbon or risk new crisis,’ warns Exeter climate expert

Governments will be “walking into the next crisis” if climate change is not at the heart of rebuilding the economy, a leading expert has warned.

Office small talk has a big impact on employees’ wellbeing, study finds

Small talk between colleagues – about the weekend, the weather or last night’s TV – may seem unimportant but it has a big impact on our wellbeing at work.

Exeter joins new European initiative to turn wastewater into valuable resource

Experts from the University of Exeter will play a crucial role in a new pan-European initiative to develop new techniques to turn wastewater into a valuable resource.

How virtual reality takes the ‘work’ out of workouts

If you want to exercise harder, enjoy it more and feel it less, pull on a VR headset and plug in some upbeat tunes, leading sport scientists say in their latest study.

Product and engineering design expert joins INDEX team from Royal College of Art

In a sign of the rapid digital transformation of industry and society, the Initiative in the Digital Economy at Exeter (INDEX) has appointed to its team an expert in product and engineering design with a focus on understanding digital innovation.

Tool developed to calculate our household ‘plastics footprint’

How much plastic do we really use, and can we live without it?

Exeter professor joins Greta Thunberg to demand shift to low carbon economy

A prominent climate change academic newly appointed to the University of Exeter Business School has joined Greta Thunberg in demanding “immediate and deep shifts to the low carbon economy”.

Replacing GDP with Gross Ecosystem Product reveals value of nature

Replacing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with a new “ecosystem” measure reveals the enormous value of the natural world, new research shows.

Dragon Capital Chair in Biodiversity Economics announced

Professor Ben Groom has been appointed Dragon Capital Chair in Biodiversity Economics at the University of Exeter. 

Green and social policies help firms weather COVID-19 crash

Businesses with strong environmental and social credentials are more resilient in times of economic crisis, according to research into the COVID-19 stock market crash.

Exeter leads research into tax compliance strategies

The University of Exeter has led research into the strategies tax authorities are using to manage large business taxpayers.

Report measures public demand for face masks to protect against COVID-19

One in four people already own a disposable face mask to protect themselves against COVID-19, a new study says – despite the UK government saying evidence for their use is “weak”.

University of Exeter help diversify farming of the future

The University of Exeter Business School is working with more than 40 other institutions as part of a major EU-funded project worth nearly 10 million euros.

Exeter researchers secure prestigious national fellowships

Five leading researchers from across disciplines at the University of Exeter have received prestigious national fellowships, it has been announced.

Sustainable business expert to join University of Exeter Business School

Professor Gail Whiteman, a leading expert in sustainable business, will join the Business School’s Department of Management in July.

Unplanned tree planting could increase global warming and damage the environment, experts warn

No one doubts that trees can help suck carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, out of the atmosphere and help tackle climate change.

Scientists explore potential to manipulate genes to control invasive species

Scientists are manipulating genes that could solve environmental sustainability and conservation problems in Australian environments.

New national circular economy coordinators announced

First investment of a £30m initiative supporting the UK’s transition to a circular economy

Beach clean data could boost science

Beach cleans can provide vital information on plastic pollution, researchers say.

Fake government bill encourages discussion about the future of our public services

Professor in Digital Economy, Mark Thompson has created a spoof government bill on digital transformation which fooled several senior government people and has been widely shared. The bill relates to his research on public platforms and was made with the intention of encouraging discussion about the future of how our public services operate.

Perception of when its acceptable to sacrifice one person to save a larger group led by cultural differences, research shows

Cultural differences play a pivotal role in how people in different parts of the world perceive when it is acceptable to sacrifice one person to save a larger group, new research has shown.

Natural Capital Committee’s 2020 Annual Report on progress in implementing the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan

It has been nine years since the government published the White Paper, The Natural Choice, committing to the objective “to be the first generation to leave the natural environment of England in a better state than it inherited”.

Highlighting women’s achievements makes them want to be the boss, research shows

Highlighting female achievements in the workplace makes capable women significantly more likely to want to be the boss, a study shows.